City Intrigue

[Note: these notes are kept by Madison and may contain incorrect information! These are not DM notes.]


  • Minos: a half-orc guard of the Temple Quarter; he is at least somewhat friendly towards Mahshid. [NEW] upon returning from Hamzarai, it’s been discovered that Minos has lost his job, though the reasons are unclear. Hints indicate that guards who do not fully follow the Queen’s orders – however brutal – will be removed from her service.
  • Delaran: one of Argamemnon’s Eldritch Knights; he was in charge of the “situation” at the underground altar.


  • Arshad: captain of Piruz’s guards and Mahshid’s surrogate father. Thinks someone was controlling PIruz (Harva House); Piruz House is not indebted to Harva. Thinks there is a coup brewing, led by some powerful external force.
  • Lord Io: Piruz’s cousin and replacement as Head of House after Piruz’s murder (and the later coma/death of his remaining immediate family). Was never on particularly great terms with Piruz but seems to be a capable (if stressed) leader.


  • Shalomir: Majd’s cousin, here to replace the previous matron (who stepped down after her daughter was murdered by the assassin, Zera).
  • Rasa Al-Hibash: [NEW] the Al-Hibash are an “old money” family mentioned on a deed (to Alam-area lands) found in the temple of Hamzarai. The family has living heirs, though they may not be nearby.


  • Seraphine: leader of the Common District’s Thieves’ Guild. Thanks to our help, she likely also controls the thieves of the Commercial District, and can be found at the gnomish bank there (previously Ten-Toes’ hideout).
  • Bertha / “Kin”: the halfling guide who led us towards the catacombs but was ultimately forced to flee when we were attacked by Zlahar; she suffered burns and may harbour some resentment towards our party.
  • Elodin “Ten-Toes”: thief commander in the Commercial District. He went out with a bang.


  • “Tim”: this gith guards a treasure nest accessible via a portal under Harva House. After a harrowing battle with us, he admitted to knowing that someone had the Crown of the Dreamer, though couldn’t tell us who this person was or what they were planning to do with it. This gith has at least some respect for our combat talents.


  • Argamemnon: once a powerful wizard who protected Alam, now a fine statue. He was also president of Alam University (which has portals to the Astral Plane and grants study permits to people like Bahkenkons). The new president is…
  • High Wizard Marthall: new president of Alam University in Argamemnon’s absence.
  • Ofier: [NEW] Bahkenkons’ father and powerful wizard, Ofier seems to be on the side of good (that is, against the Queen of Alam). He has many contacts who may also be of use to the party, though our relationship is currently somewhat tenuous. He is a lech but a decent fellow.


  • Queen’s Steward: this chap doesn’t have a name but we’ve dealt with him a few times; he was in charge of overseeing Majd’s holding as well as her recovery, and may know about her current state. He is our line to the Queen.


  • Captain Bill: he and his crew once took us out to an underwater portal. He probably wouldn’t be keen to work with/for us again, but threats work well.


  • Wearer of the Dreamer’s Crown: possibly the big bad behind all the Cult of the Dreamer mayhem, though we’ve never met this person. [NEW] Hints have led us to believe that this might be Hippatia.
  • Mara X’olos: [NEW] according to Mehve, she was the high sorceress of Hamzarai, and it’s suspected that this might also be the Queen of Alam, millennia later. There’s also some speculation that Mahshid and Mara might be related.
  • Zera: a talented assassin who carried out most of the ritual murders that culminated int he summoning of Gorath the Eyeless and the attempted murder of Queen Hippatia. She may or may not actually be evil: we suspect she also led us to the portal under House Harva, revealing the Crown of the Dreamer. [NEW] New information has come to light that Zera might be Mehve’s (immortal) sister!
  • Ren: [NEW] Ren is Jarl’s superior (?) and friend (?), though it’s yet unknown to the party exactly how she relates to the cult. She was encountered in the caldera of Khorva’s Peak, along with Zlahar and a strange, soulstone-powered contraption, this unknown dragonkin seems to be Zlahar’s boss, and is yet at large.
  • Gorath the Eyeless: eyeless giant who appeared upon completion of the murder-ritual on the Queen’s birthday. Upon defeat, he merely laughed and said, “You think that by defeating me, you’ve won, but this is only the first in a wave of pain!”
  • Zlahar: held a project manager-level position in a company intent on collecting soul stones; unfortunately for him he’s been fired.
  • Red Dragon: a faction known to hideout near/around the volcano. They dislike how dragons have faded from Alam and wish to return them to power, particularly the dragon Khorva. Many of them carry Khorva’s holy symbol.
  • Blue Dragon: [NEW] a faction similar to the Red Dragon, but who believe Khorva was a blue dragon and intend to bring her back in that state. They have recently ousted the Red Dragons from Mount Khorva, and are also working with/under a mindflayer.

City Intrigue

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