Auria University

“To be learned and wise is to be the best you can be.”

These words are inscribed atop the dragonbone lintel of Auria University’s main hall, the first structure in the university’s history, and its greatest. One massive dome, filled with all the knowledge in the world, and what has been found from the planes beyond. There are lecture halls and laboratories around the dome, greenhouses and foundries, dormitories and even barracks — for who knows what creatures may arrive through an elemental gate?

Auria University houses a significant if small percentage of the city’s population — at just over three percent, some thirty thousand people are employed through the instituation, though the faculty number only in the low thousands. Basic scribes and messengers are the majority of its employees, with apprentice arcanists making up a hefty portion of the rest. Turnover is high — magic is a skill for those quick of mind and sturdy of soul, and many lack the proper mental constitution for its craft.

Auria University primarily employees and teaches wizards, although the odd sorcerer can be found within its walls, along with a healthy cadre of warlocks, enough to form their own school, the so called Damned House. Even the House partakes mostly of research, and most choose Graaz’t as their patron, beckoning the lord for access to his city of wonders. Some small few research the Great Old Ones, and these are watched with general care.

Bahkenkons can be found here, moping about in the deep parts of the library.

Auria University

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