Alampic Announcement



My Dearest Citizens.

These are have been trying times. I know that most of all. I see many of you fleeing, turning to the empty sands and foreign lands. But I am not gone. I have been biding my time, waiting for the darkness to show its fullest extent. These pitiful cultists think that they can drown the mighty spirit of Alam in angry clouds and quakes, but Khorva is our ally, not theirs. We have felt these tremors before, and they will not startle us.

Instead, I offer the opposite. Today, I tell you to look to the East, where so many of you are fleeing. See instead the tents rise, the racetracks stream, the arenas fill! For I call the world’s nations to send their best to compete against ours, to show that we believe in Peace, not War, and that we will not bow to fear and doomsaying. Alam has stood for three thousand years, and it will stand for three thousand more, and forever after that. Despite recent tragedies, and Mount Khorva’s awakened quaking, we will never fall. We are Alam, and we will stand forever.

To that end: The most recent attack, a heinous spiritual bomb placed by the Cult of the Dreamer, many of our noble houses lie empty. Entire lines have been snuffed out and broken. You would think this would weaken us, but I believe it has only made us stronger. Each of you will now have your chance to take up my mantle. For the games I bring are not just for competition. They are for riches.

I call these games the Alampics, and the winners of each event will be given places in the Noble District — the homes, the holdings, and new titles for each. Commoner, banker, blacksmith. All are welcome to compete, and contend. Sign up with the Guard Captain in your district. You have three months to train, prepare, and travel. We will see you all on the podium. Today, I bless each and every one of you, my citizens. Alam has had troubles. But everything changes.

Celebrate, my children. The dark times are over.


Alampic Announcement

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