Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 17: Enter the Dragon

or, Party Tiiiime! Excelleeeent!

This is Scarpa Lela with a special report on Questionable Company, who, as of this morning, were headed back to Alam…

…but before they were even in sight of the city, they were met by a welcoming committee of Githyanki! Tougher than the previous squadron, this group managed to split the party and two of them went after Karas, who was felled! Mehve held her own and the githyanki were defeated, but not before sweet Karas was beheaded. Intent upon his resurrection, friend and fellow druid, Chisisi, collected his remains.

One within Sending range of Alam, Mahshid received several invitations to parties celebrating the Alampics Preliminaries. No word yet on which parties she’ll attend, but this reporter has no doubt she’ll have a following of fans wherever she does go.

Her first destination, however, was *Ofier*’s residence, where she introduced Kind Man to the wizard, and left with him most of the loot they collected in Hamzarai. Ofier, in turn, offered to help the R*ed Dragons*’ cause, and cured Kind Man of his fish-skin disease (we’re back in business, ladies). He also shared some new spells with Kind Man.

While Mahshid, Chisisi and Mehve set out to prepare for their parties, Jarl headed to Mount Khorva to check in with his superiors. What he found upon arrival, however, was that the Red Dragons had been attacked and overrun by a new faction of freedom fighters – the Blue Dragons (as though there’s space in Alam for more dragon clubs). In addition to the Blue Dragons, Jarl also discovered some cultists from the Cult of the Dreamer – apparently not disbanded at all!!

After Sending a message to Kind Man, both the priest and Ofier visited the volcano to help Jarl. Together they discovered another mindflayer and a new soulstone machine, this time mounted more safely inside the caldera. A quick stealth mission resulted in an explosion and minor eruption that residents will have noticed, though it’s unclear whether Jarl’s fellow Red Dragons – or his half-dragon superior, Ren, escaped with their lives from Blue Dragon imprisonment.

This reporter can’t help but feel that the Company has taken a step backwards. How often can old factions be replaced by new? Can the party expect to work together with the Red Dragons, and how can they fight this new, Blue faction? And what will Mahshid wear to the parties?

With too many hard questions, this is Scarpa Lela, in Questionable Company.


ClockworkDinosaur madicienne

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