Rise of the Dreamer

[[META: we shall assume these “episodes” are being published a week or so late (DM’s discretion); I’m going to post them on time (haha) so that we have a record if we need it.]]

This is Scarpa Lela on special assignment in Questionable Company. Since our last episode – Mahshid’s not-to-be-missed sexposé – a lot has happened! The Company has done battle with a dragon’s ghost, encountered their old assassin foe, attempted to silence the Eternal Voice and now they’re off to a new (yet unfound) temple!

Upon leaving the drow pyramid and entering the jungle, Kind Man found himself followed by the ghost of a previously-encountered dragon. After a confusing battle whereupon both Mahshid and Chisisi briefly turned against the B’heist priest, the ghost was vanquished – to experience a proper send-off later.

Upon exiting the forest the party encountered two messengers – both of whom were already dead thanks to Zera, the party’s longtime nemesis! Before disappearing, Zera offered them these cryptic hints:

We both know what she wears on her head, yet you are free. Answers can be found at the temple of Hamzarai.

It seems that the party has another ritual to unravel before it’s too late: the summoning ritual that was thought to have been completed on the Queen’s Birthday has not yet finished after all! But would they follow the advice of the assassin Zera?

While Kind Man worked with the B’heist to liberate the dragon’s soul, Mahshid and Chisisi, traveling undercover, visited Lord Ofier to share the spoils from the drow temple, and to ask about the temple of Hamzarai. For those listeners who don’t know, no adventurers have yet died at Hamzarai… because no adventurers have ever found it.

Still, Mahshid seemed intent upon discovering more, and she and Chisisi have formed some wordless pact to help one another. Chisisi, of course, needs help with something entirely different: she wants to build a githyanki silver sword. Aided by Mahshid’s absorbed memories and fragments of knowledge provided by the party’s githyanki ally, Karas, Chisisi is finally making some headway – though what she intends to do with the sword is still unknown to this reporter.

While Mahshid visited her room at the Frowning Dolphin only to find it filled with obsessive fans, Korva Dae investigated the plants growing on the side of Khorva’s Peak, and Kind Man visited the city’s sages – drow and thieves alike – only to be diagnosed with a curse that has caused him to forget his protector, Majd!

You heard that right: Kind Man’s memory of Majd has been slipping for some time, and he eventually discovered he couldn’t recall her at all.

Another new discovery for the priest was that all of Alam knows his name.

While this reporter can’t imagine why anyone would be displeased with that fact, Kind Man was, and sought out the leaders of Eternal Voice. Astute listeners should guess how his quest turned out: while Kind Man was able to contact me, I’m still on special assignment in Questionable Company, and will continue to deliver news of these adventurers to you, the people of Alam!

Following his visit with my superiors, Kind Man worked with Korva Dae to eliminate his curse. Using the efreet taken from the drow pyramid, Kind Man made three wishes – one of which was to sat Majd’s soul free. Kind Man’s memories returned and Dae’s work was completed in Majd’s liberation: he shortly afterwards left the party to pursue more enlightenment.

Ofier, meanwhile, was able to collect information as well as supplies to take the party towards Hamzarai. With little to no idea where they were headed, the party left Alam – where many are dubious of the volcano’s activity but many more or only obsessed with the Alampics. Aided by their thri-kreen guide, Kzz-Aah, the party learned that the temple – nay, city – of Hamzarai was once great, famed for an ambrosia-like drink, but disappeared mysteriously into the sands.

After a brief but harrowing altercation with some sand scorpions (from which the party was forced to flee), as well as some digging, magic and swimming accomplished by Chisisi, Kind Man and Mahshid, respectively, the party found its way into the top of a Hamzarai building – or so they believe. Guarded by what appeared to be ancient B’heist Honoured Dead, Hamzarai will doubtless hold other dangers – at the top of the list: structural collapse of the buried city.

Will our heroes make it out of – or even into – Hamzarai alive? What does the temple have to do with the B’heist? What meaning in the ancient Honoured Dead’s eight-pointed-star tattoo? And will the party make sense of anything before it’s too late to stop the ritual in Alam?

This reporter can only hope…


ClockworkDinosaur madicienne

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