Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 02: Action So Hot It Should Be Illithid

or, The Popped Waterbed

This is Scarpa Lela with the latest on the five individuals seen fleeing the scene of High Priest Hatim’s murder: it’s now rumoured that four of them are working to seek out the High Priest’s killer, while the fifth remains at large.

According to a member of the city guard, the group was meant to meet with one of Alam’s wizards regarding the ritual murders that have been taking place around the city, but they failed to arrive at the rendezvous. Instead, it’s reported that they’re on the trail of a B’heist priest, who they suspect may be linked to the murders.

Correspondents inside the B’heist camp reported that three of the party – two locals working with a nomad known only as the “Kind Man” – discovered a passage under one of the B’heist tents. The passage is said to connect to part of Alam’s various undercity systems – to the sewers as well as previously-abandoned and ancient parts of the city. There, an anonymous contact confirmed that the party met with a master thief known as Seraphine – one of the many Common District thieves vying for the position of guildmaster following the disappearance of the Masked King.

After being reunited with their second B’heist companion – wounded while gaining entry to the undercity elsewhere – the party left in search of the catacombs where the suspected B’heist priest – along with the High Priest’s assassin – had fled. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach the catacombs due to an unexpected illithid attack. The mindflayer – allegedly named Zlahar – drove the group back to his lair, and it was only there that the party was finally able to fight the creature off.

The public should be aware that the mindflayer remains at large and should be considered very dangerous.

While the party was unavailable for comment, a prisoner from within Zlahar’s lair reported that they went on to discover an underground altar – possibly of giant origin – adjacent to the lair, as well as a pool of what was reportedly “brain-like soup”. This reporter is happy to hear that the place has been abandoned and the “soup” destroyed.

While the party seems to have done some good, their missed meeting with the city wizard has resulted in putting the Common District guards on high alert. With only three days remaining until the Queen’s birthday celebration, the party is under heavy scrutiny as they move about the city in search of various items: the two locals have split up to inquire about underground maps and local knowledge, while the two B’heist remain in their secretive encampment, working some medical magic: rumour has it that the wounded B’heist warrior may have spilled blood on the underground altar.

With the guard breathing down their necks, will the party be successful in gathering the supplies they need to delve into the catacombs and solve the city’s high-profile murders? Or will their antics result in their arrest? And what, then, of the Queen’s birthday and the expected ritual finale? Who are these mysterious vigilantes and do they intend harm or heroics for the city? This reporter will keep a close eye on the action!

[[Madi’s back! We’d left off with everyone splitting up again: Razner’s looking at underground maps; Kind Man and Majd are with the B’heist and Mahshid’s heading to the pub. Chisisi’s gone dark. If you have solo adventures you’d like to work on before next session, feel free to email August and let him know! Otherwise, don’t forget to level up to level 6 before our next session, on September 13th! As always, if you think I’ve missed anything important in the above report, let me know!]]


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