Worldly Faiths

The gods are many and one; though most worship Khorva, that land itself, the pantheons of many gods can be found worshipped across the land. (For rules purposes, the Mulhorandi pantheon from Forgotten realms (or any Egyptian god) is fine)

[PLAYER NOTE] We've been learning about a "Dreamer" faith, possibly practiced by the drow who once inhabited the city now known as Alam. This may also be the faith of those in the Cult of the Dreamer.

Gods of the B'heist: (Note: The B'hest gods are not necessarily such. Most B'heist scholars agree that each was mortal and Ascended after death, creating the system of worship the B'heist now follow. However, history has become legend, and to many young B'heist the gods are truly such — they view it as sacriligious that the B'heist gods are not considered greater than the Queen of Alam or the God-King of Cahokia. Time will tell who is correct, and whether that matters at all.)

Ohma – Mother of the B'heist gods. She guards babes, crops and beasts, and seeks only for her children to prosper in peace. Alternate names: Mother, All-Lover, She Who Birthed Us

T'cha-kha – Ohma's sister, the goddess of Death. She rules the Glass Dunes — a brilliant desert demiplane of pure oases and mountainous dunes. She is the ultimate judge of reincarnations and the fate of dead B'heist. She appears as either a giant scorpion or a beautiful woman robed in white. Alternate names: The Silver Sickle, She Who Judges, Death

Sorish – Death's accountant. He greets all those who die, and accounts for their sins and virtues. He does no actual judging, but gives information to any and all dead that ask. He is generally viewed as an unpleasant man, and appears as a tall, sticklike man dressed in priest's garb. Alternate names: The Bean Counter, Death's Wench

Ahmaligar – Saint of the Priesthood. He judges which men deserve to come back as women, and oversees the practitioners of necromancy — as well as punishing those who misuse it. He is the original creator of the Honoured Dead. He appears as a bald man with pointed ears, and is extraordinarily humble. He is rarely contacted and does not often answer prayers. Alternate names: The Priest, The Bridger, Servant of the Dead

Hidda – Saint of the Reapers. She appears as a black-robed warrior, scimitar in hand, or a lionness of incredible size. She answers the prayers of Reapers and deals with the souls they take, meting out punishments and forgiveness where appropriate. Alternate names: The Scythe, The Killer's Judge

Kareed – The Reaper's Aide. A priest who has taken on the position of divine diplomat for the B'heist. He deals with the gods offended by the Reaping of their followers' souls, making deals when necessary. He was once kicked from the pantheon and forced back into mortal life in order to redeem his place. Alternate names: Holder of the Scales, the Speaker, Twice-Lived (insult — not recommended for use)

Xiralta – The Dark Apprentice. She serves Raitha Heed (see below), collecting soul shards and the essence of slain ghosts to sate her master's appetite. She is typically shown as a short, cowled figure, shrouded in mist. Alternate names: The Coward, the Scavenger of Souls, The Lost One

Esker Rai – The Dead Warlord. A Priest who studied the arts of war perhaps more than he should have. His Reaper fell in love with him, and they created a following of warriors seeking more than B'heist nomadic life. They attempted to conquer the border city of Bao to the south, but the Elder Council supported the people of Bao, and Esker Rai's army was defeated. His Reaper, whose name has been lost to history, was slain, and he devoted his life to vengeance — eventually becoming a lich. He attempted to murder the Elder Council, but failed, and was banished to Heed's hidden demiplane. Alternate Names: The Fallen Lover, The Broken Heart, the Killer

Raitha Heed: The Soul Drinker. Credited with the creation of the Reaper/Priest duality, Raitha Heed was once equal to Ohma in reverence, but fell after they were revealed to be the creator and continuing user of ambrosia, the drink of souls. Raitha traditionally appears as a ghostly figure of indeterminate gender — even historical texts are vague on what they were. Alternate names: The Betrayer, Drow-Lover, Vampire, The Unmortal.

Worldly Faiths

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