All the races of the multiverse can be found on Ialu, and that means you can find them in Alam. Some have different origins here than others, and many classic differences are not the same here as elsewhere.

(If a race you want to play is not listed here, don’t fret! Either it’s not too different from normal (like humans and half-elves) or I just didn’t imagine you wanted to play one. Just let me know!)

Elves: While elves were not the first to this world — the goblins own that honour — the elves were one of the earliest, and their works far surpassed those of the goblin nomads. The time of the elves was a colder one, however, and many of their ruins now lie underwater, lost to those without the secret knowledge and powerful magical means to reach them. What many call Drow are indigenous to Khorva, and do not suffer a daylight penalty. They are relatively uncommon, but many have integrated into modern society. Drow characters do not garner the same hatred as they traditionally might, but they are often labourers or otherwise considered primitive, as ancient drow tribes still live in the jungles west of Alam.

Dwarves: Still burrowers and lovers of gold, the dwarves of Ialu are a proud and ancient people, more pious than many of their kind elsewhere. Dwarven society has shattered and reformed countless times until they have become as diverse as humans, but some fifty years ago a prophet known as Ovin Silverbeard appeared, claiming to have found the first dwarven settlement and receiving a divine revelation from Moradin, charging him with restoring the honour of the dwarven race. His preachings have brought dwarves out of the caves and shadows, and many adventure in groups searching for the history of their race.

Halflings: A mostly nomadic people, halflings are common in Banwe, and many have found their way to Alam as guides, acrobats and cooks.

Gnomes: Gnomes are rare in Khorva, but the mechanically-inclined people are in high demand in Alam. Most gnomes call the small isle of Steam home, never venturing beyond its volcanic walls.

Orks: While many still fight and die in barbarian tribes, many orks now call the Countless Clans home and have learned trades, tongues and words. Clerics, druids, fighters and even wizards and bards now come from the goblinoid races, though they are still treated with some disdain and many are just objectively bad.

Lizardfolk: Common in Khorva’s south and Drakelund, lizardfolk range as other races do, though the majority on Khorva follow the Living Light and make their way as leatherworkers and simple tradesmen.

Aasimar/Tiefling: Angels and demons are somewhat regular visitors to Alam, and often range in Khorva’s southern and central regions, making petty kingdoms and breeding with mortal folk. As such, those who carry immortal heritage are merely uncommon as opposed to outright shocks, and many common people carry some small token of divine heritage in their appearance.

Warforged: The origin of the warforged is different in Ialu. Here, they are the souls of warriors (and rarely, scholars) bound to golem bodies in exchange for service. Some have outlived their contracts, and now are free to find their own ways in the world.

Planetouched: The elementally touched are relatively common at Auria University where portals to each of the elemental planes can be found. They are looked upon with some wonder elsewhere, except in Cahokia where they are forbidden from existence by the decrees of King Voskelos.


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