Noble Houses In Flux

Addaya: Diplomats, the Addaya family has been slowly dying. Their last real position of worth is the Ambassadorship to Paxu, where the Ambassador himself has recently died. With the loss of his family in Alam, the end of the Addayas has come.

Aspelta: A wealthy plantation family, the Aspelta family produce primarily rice, yams and medicinal plants. Unfortunately a family dinner has left the leadership empty, and now these valuable plots are open to those capable of winning them.

Bay Irsu: Ancient shipwrights, the Irsu name has been a fading one in recent years as Alam and others look to the Shipwright’s Warren for their fleets. But Irsu designs are famous to those who know. Unfortunately the brilliance of the Irsu baska will be lost unless a sailor of equal measure can win this house’s name.

Dagi: Vizier to Queen Hippatia, Dagi house’s loss is truly tragic, But the magical tower is a prize worthy of the greatest mages, and only they will be able to reclaim a place of trust at her side.

Gilukhipa: The lone heir of the Gilukhipa brewing dynasty recently married into lands in Cahokia, and these mountain paradises are part and parcel as well. The family has long made fabulous wines and liquors for the royal family, trusted with serving the Queen and foreign kings.

Harva: One of the Queen’s Princes, Horbaef house is a grand mansion, and includes land holdings within the western jungles, as well as the holdings of the recently indebted Piruz house.

Nekaure: A general from Alam’s Pirate War — which saw the founding of Shipwright’s Warren as part of the peace process — Nikaure House borders the Docks and contains a dock of its own, large enough for its own three-master.

Orsorkon: One of the few remaining Drow houses, the ancient Orsorkon ziggurat is worthy of any historian or adventurer, though the house itself once served as a hospital. Not suggested for those afraid of ghosts.

Pyhia: One of the Queen’s Princesses, the title includes an opera house and zoo.

Snaiib: A priestly family, the Snaiib had all joined in prayer when they were obliterated. The Church of Ra has delcared them saints, and decreed their holdings part of the Alampics. Anyone who wins this temple of a home will feel more than holy, as the building has been hallowed for eternity.

Noble Houses In Flux

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