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Welcome to the world of the dreaming. Though the city of Alam is certainly its centre, the world of Ialu is filled with many places and many people, though some of those people may not look as such to you.

NEW: The Alampics are here!! Forget terrorism, and revel in the majesty… of the GAMES!
NEW: Noble Houses In Flux What’s in a name?
NEW: City Intrigue, a player-created page to keep track of allies (and enemies?)

There are three main continents to the world:

Khorva is an equitorial continent that houses Alam and the other rich nations. It ranges between jungle and desert north to south, separated by mountains and canyons.

The White North The white north is a massive continent, mostly composed of frozen tundra, but its far west sports temperate forests and some subtropical regions. The barbarian King of the North has recently finished his conquest of the west and now consolidates his power, working to create a realm worthy of Alam’s notice.

Drakelund The island of dragons. Lizardmen and primitive tribes worship at the feet of the elemental creatures, occasionally setting forth to raid Khorva’s southern shores or the small island nations that lie between.

Shattered Isles There are many small islands scattered throughout Ialu’s seas, some rich and advanced, some impoverished and barbaric.

Races From aasimar to yuan-ti, everyone can be found on Alam’s streets, though some are more unique than others, and may be more or less favoured.

Worldly Faiths The gods are many and one; though most worship Khorva, that land itself, the pantheons of many gods can be found worshipped across the land. (For rules purposes, the Mulhorandi pantheon from Forgotten realms (or any Egyptian god) is fine)

Political Organisations From the Cult of the Dreamer to the Red Dragons, what the world knows of the non-governmental groups of the world are held here.

Main Page

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