Alampic Announcement

Physical challenges: (Place 3 of 5 to pass on)

Mountain climb – Khorva’s Peak may be burning, but that’s no reason to stop climbing!
Crevasse Leap – The Valley of Mists has more than monsters to offer! Like watching a wide variety of athletes, warriors and acrobats attempt and fail to leap its breadth! (Individuals with wings and literal flying not allowed)
River Run – Got fins? Great cause you’re not allowed! Only those who belong on land can suffer under the waves for the people’s amusement and cash, cash, cash!
Can you Toss it? Logs, Boulders and Oliphants — can you toss them? And if so, how far? Into what?
Survive the Mage Think magic’s for chumps? Prove it and beat the mage!

Magical challenges: (Place 3 of 5 to pass on)

Summoning Casting and controlling, from quasits to elemental Princes. No magic circles — it’s will vs. will!
Destruction A castle, a mountain, a forest, a goelm — can you destroy them before they streoy you?
Creation What incredible artifacts can the new crafters of the world provide?
Survive the Mage-Killer Think non-wizards are chumps? Prove it in the ring, or let anti-intellecutalism run rampant through this land!
Dominion The minds of men are such weak things, are they not? Especially orcs — we had some imported! What can you force them to do? And can you do better? We’ll see how much…


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