Majd Dahada

Passionate desert warrior following belief into the unknown.


Wajd Dahada is a striking figure to set eyes upon. Tall and strong, she competes with the great warriors of time while still maintaining her mysterious beauty. Deep black skin tells of her desert roots, just as deep green piercing eyes say all they need to about her spirit. Her hair is long draping down past the shoulders with clean dreads. The one side of her head is shaved to stubble with a tattoo resting in plain sight just above the ear. Piercings adorn both of Wajds’ ears with various different ornaments telling of her distinct travels.

Wajd carries herself with grace and strength allowing her well layered garbs to emphasize the curves in her body while still covering for the imagination. Her ferocity follows with every move as she evaluates the surroundings and their potential prey.


Born of the desert tribe B’heist Majd Dahada learned quickly what it meant to be a women. Her people relished the strong and talented she, was one of the best. With a sword in hand young Majd found comfort in her strength and sought to use it to her benefit. Quickly rising through the tribes ranks Majd became a commander among her peers and lead them through many encounters. The ferocity of her comrades made their success greater than expected quickly rising them to folklore.

Throughout her years of nomadic life Majd has had 3 children: Adil her oldest, a boy, ungifted yet caring man; Fatemah her middle child of a great mercenary swordsman still defining her place in the tribe; and Kamaria a baby girl of only 3 cycles born under the sigil of the moon.

Wajd has been all throughout Khorva. From the boarders of the Countless Clans to the savannahs of the Banwe and back again to the home of the Golden Waste. Her duties as officer and guardian have put her through trials that most fear to dream about yet, she’s come out victorious time and time again…not without it’s sacrifices. The Bhiest tribe is always traveling and making ways through and into the forming communities of the world.

While the B’heist travel across the world their motivation sways with the wind and some orders and groups have found much reason to stay clear of the powerful (yet small) tribe. Allowing them passage through or even into is much easier than suffering the destructive nature when resisted.

Majd arrives in Alam both in habit of the season and the tribes normal migration and as representatives from the nomadic tribes for the queen’s birthday. Much rumours have spread and Majd and her tribesmen have taken to investigation about the killing spree that has taken to the common districts; an imbalance that is to be reviewed.

However, she does not travel alone. Majd has been paired with Kind Man for a few years now and is yet on tending the beliefs of her people and guiding her priest safely unto the reaping.

Majd Dahada

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