Korva Dae

A simple looking man whos' looks seem to be deeper than the skin.


“I am encamped with a group of Paxu. I came across these peoples after a terribly unfortunate storms struck and washed me to shore on this local region where I, after days of wondering the area with no signs of civilization, encountered a man by the name of Korva Dae. After earning his trust through selflessly saving him from a nearby pack of marauding lizards he enlightened me on what he was doing in this foul place. As he explains it Korva Dae is on a profound trip of enlightenment as he searches for spirits he calls, simply, the darkness and the light. He is determined to find these spirits so that he can answer the question of how the universe was created – and possibly why even if he never mentions the why.
I have accompanied the man out of the wilderness and towards the regions I better know as home and hope that Ra will serve me well as I traverse the world again. But, along side this Korva Dae I am comfortable that anything we encountered will be disposed of with ease. Korva Dae explains that he sees something within me that must be exorcized to defend against the darkness. I am not sure about this ritual but I am sure that whatever primitive ceremony he has planned will be easy to coax my way through. At least until we reach a civilized region I will have to endure these processes. Please tell the whole family that I hope to see them all soon and we will feast in celebration on my arrival. Unfortunately it will be unlikely that I have another opportunity to send message to you. So I will send my prayers in your direction every evening. I love you all and look forward to seeing my sons” — last known words of Kaliro of House Aspelta


Korva Dae

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