Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 13: Revelations

or, Githyanki Gang Violence

This is Scarpa Lela, reporting in on special assignment in Questionsable Company. It was a long night, listeners, but even longer for Karas, githyanki prisoner captured by the Company after a failed drop-ship attack. With nowhere else to turn, the gith accepted the party’s surprising mercy and has joined them on their adventures – at least for now.

And what adventures! After a break to recuperate and repair some of their gear, the party – minus the aloof Korva Dae – re-entered the drow dreamscape inside the pyramid, only to find that another party of gith were on their way to the tower. While Kind Man refused to help, Mahshid and Chisisi took action, skirting the gith-vs-drider battle to reach the tower first.

While a winged Chisisi became instantly distracted by something on one of the tower’s upper floors, Mahshid completed several ceremonial rites necessary to ascend the three-storey tower. After a magical bath and a history lesson that hinted at the drow’s fate – defeat of the giants, freedom, slavery – she arrived at the tower’s top.

But the crown the party’s been after was long gone.

Mahshid briefly sat upon the throne, an act that allowed her a revelation but which also awoke the three giant statues stationed around the tower. With one another’s help, Chisisi and Mahshid fled the tower, deked the giants and skirted the driders – after which the portal to the dreamscape was closed (perhaps permanently) by Kind Man. Through with the pyramid, at least for now, Kind Man also made short work of the edifice’s crowning crystal.

Upon return to camp, Mahshid revealed to the party what she learned atop the tower – and while it may not surprise those denizens who hide in the heart of Alam, it’s news that will shock our regular listeners.

Stay tuned.


ClockworkDinosaur madicienne

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