Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 12: Weal (and Whoa!)

or, A Mumbled 'Goodbye'

This is Scarpa Lela, still on special assignment in Questionable Company.

It’s been another eventful day here at the drow temple northwest of the city. After being reunited with Chisisi – the Company’s dubious druid – and dealing with some interpersonal drama, Mahshid led the way inside the temple and up the steps, previously inaccessible due to the lack of keys. While she, Kind Man and Chisisi searched the upper floor, Korva Dae – moderately recovered and subtly glowing after his magical works yesterday – watched the temple’s front entrance.

Upstairs in the temple, the trio investigated what appeared to be a sacrificial chamber, where they discovered a mummified giant and the painted, shadowy remains of drow. They made quick work of an alchemically-created monster, and Kind Man questioned another dead giant, who revealed that the drow were using the temple and its magic to create their god. It’s unclear whether they were successful, but this reporter thinks that’s unlikely. No drow gods are spoken of these days, despite a carved message in the temple that claimed such a being would exist forever:

By the broken backs of those who enslaved us, we shall have a heaven eternal.
If each of us has faith, we can create one who will rule forever.

Beyond the sacrificial chamber, the group discovered yet another portal into what appeared to be some kind of dreamscape. While Mahshid was intent upon visiting a tower located within the drow dreamworld, the group was stopped by a terrifying flying snake, and forced to – temporarily – retreat to lick their wounds.

Though the group still has plenty of questions, it’s a mercifully calm evening. Mahshid’s already fallen asleep, Kind Man is quiet as he contemplates the mysteriously-forgotten Majd, and Chisisi and Dae are enjoying some foraged food. This reporter —

THOTH’S THIGHS! Listeners, some kind of cylindrical vessel has just fallen from the sky and – shit – the githyanki are here! I haven’t seen a gith on the material plane since Alam’s anniversary nearly twenty years ago! But what are they doing here? Protecting the temple? Hunting the party? Or did Dae’s magic call them here?

Listeners, the blades are swinging, lightning’s arcing, and – sweet Isis – a cannonball’s just shot from the sky and obliterated one of Kind Man’s entourage – the Honoured Dead known as Mumbles. Time for this reporter to get out of the way!

Questionable Company is putting up quite the fight: Mahshid is a whirlwind of blades and feet; Dae briefly banishes the night with a blinding blast of light; more lightning crackles through the air. The battle could still go either way, folks, and the threat of the gith’s ship is forever overhead. Korva Dae is going after the githyanki knight with his silver sword; meanwhile, Chisisi takes on the shape of a raptor – and now – shit – Kind Man’s sahuagin has lopped off the knight’s head! Only one gith remains – and he’s fleeing! Mahshid’s after him!

Long-time listeners will know that I’ve been close to battle before, but I’ve never seen anyone defeat a githyanki squad. Looks like it’s going to take some time for the Company to calm down after an event like this. Kind Man, especially, has suffered some losses and – ah – he’s stabbed the fallen githyanki knight with the drow blade he recovered under Harva House. Doubtless he’ll find a use for that.

Ah, and Mahshid’s back with the gith runner – ouch, looks like a big bump.

So much for a quiet evening, but listeners will surely be looking forward to my next report! We’ve got a githyanki soldier to question, a dreamscape to explore and several mysteries yet to solve: why has Kind Man forgotten Majd? Does the drow temple actually have anything to do with the Cult of the Dreamers or the city’s plight, after all? Has Korva Dae gained anything from the explosion he initiated at the top of the temple? Will Mahshid and Chisisi have any success in the Alampic Games?

What in the world brought the githyanki this way?

And will this reporter ever recover from these countless mosquito bites?

This is Scarpa Lela, keeping a sharp eye on Questionable Company.


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