Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 10: Only Two Gods

or, Lord That'll-Do

This is Scarpa Lela, on special assignment with Alam’s Questionable Company.

Our usual duo was joined yesterday by a newcomer: A Paxu man named Korva Dae who seems unassuming enough – but this reporter has her suspicions. As with most of the group’s encounters, this one couldn’t be average: shortly after Dae’s arrival the Company disappeared off-plane, only to return with stories about drow pyramids, ghosts and ritualistic giant sacrifices.

While Dae and Kind Man seemed mostly disinterested, Mahshid – half drow herself – took action, and had a visit with Lord Ofir, Alam’s well-known and well-loved expeditionary philanthropist, game hunter and collector (lesser-known father of scholar Bahkenkons). Eager to visit the dreamed pyramid in real life, Mahshid and Ofir made plans for yet another expedition; considering how past ventures into the pyramid have gone, this reporter fully expects to be back to her regular job sooner than expected.

Of course, the Company is full of even more surprises.

Before agreeing to seek out the pyramid, Kind Man and Dae insisted upon visiting Khorva’s Peak one final time, to confirm the intentions of a dragonkin encountered there before the volcano began its recent rumblings. After surpassing a series of physical obstacles in order to gain access to the volcano, only Kind Man (and your dauntless reporter) was able to make contact with the dragonkin – who most certainly was not a thrall of the defeated mindflayer, Zlahar.

In fact, the dragonkin serves someone else altogether: a god he intends to resurrect in the boiling bowl of Khorva’s Peak. Outside sources have yet to confirm if this is even possible, however, and for now it is this reporter’s opinion that the dragonkin is quite mad.

Having ascertained the allegiances of the dragonkin, the trio set out with a drow guide to investigate the unnamed pyramid in the jungle north of the city, an ancient drow temple from which no visitors have ever returned. What they expect to find there this reporter can only guess – some hint as to who wears the Dreamer’s Crown? A cure for their lost friend, Majd? A weapon to combat the dragonkin? Or are they only after riches and relics? Only time will tell, and considering how quickly Dangar the Dangerful and Hanthar Hammer perished in that same pyramid, listeners won’t have to wait long!

This is Scarpa Lela – wet, weary and mosquito-bitten – signing off.


ClockworkDinosaur madicienne

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