Rise of the Dreamer


or, Wait am I Talking to a Gecko?

Scarpa Lela here with your in-depth Alam Adventurers report.

Today saw our daring crew re-enter Harva House, intent upon seeking a treasure they knew only as the Drow’s Salvation. With the Alampics starting in ten weeks and with so many noble estates on the line, Queen Hippatia has placed a large number of guards throughout the Noble Quarter in order to stop any hopeful looters. This seems to have worked – but a handful of Deathless guards didn’t dissuade our trio, who took to the sewers to access Harva House. This intrepid reporter had no choice but to follow.

Bypassing a pair of sickly-smelling slimes, the group and their undead entourage entered Harva through the cellar. They trod what must have been a familiar path, passing behind a tapestry and riding way down a secret elevator – yes, you heard right – into an underground drow vault. The place was littered with treasure, but our would-be burglars passed all of this to investigate a mysterious portal.

As it turned out, shuffling through the sewers would be the least of my problems.

A single step across the threshold landed the adventurers on the Astral Plane, where a githyanki knight was waiting like a dragon on a veritable giant nest of treasure. This reporter stayed wisely out of the way as blows were exchanged, and just as the battle was coming to an end, the trio got some questions answered: the item they were seeking, a bejeweled crown known as the Dreamer’s Crown, was not there. The githyanki treated them each to an item from his hoard, and the trio returned to the wonderfully safe (albeit somewhat smellier) material plane.

A brief consult was held between the adventurers and local scholar, Bahkenkons: according to him, the crown was created to harness all of drowkind’s thoughts, dreams and related power. Unsurprisingly, the anxious academic – now working for Piruz House – urged the trio not to seek the crown, whereupon the B’heist priest, Kind Man, immediately entered Bahkenkons’ dreams. While he had no luck finding the crown in the scholar’s head, I’ve no doubt this won’t stop the trio from looking harder – and how much time will that leave for Alampic training?

That’s right: Mahshid, formerly of House Piruz and presently of questionable company, has signed up to take part in Alam’s games! Exactly what this drunkard hopes to accomplish is a mystery to this reporter, but perhaps with a little help from her friends…

On special assignment in questionable company myself, this is Scarpa Lela, signing off.


ClockworkDinosaur madicienne

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