Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 08: Noble Ghosts and Haunted Houses

or, Let's Light Some Black Candles

This is Scarpa Lela, on special assignment following Alam’s most reputed group of would-be adventurers – though today they counted only two, with no indication where their rather drab compatriot has disappeared to. With Majd still under the Queen’s care, the B’heist priest, Kind Man, worked for some time in his camp while the disgraced house guard, Mahshid, visited the Noble Quarter. Following the events after the Queen’s birthday, the quarter has seen a lot of chaos: the streets are thick with guards in an attempt to stop the looting of vacated noble houses, though Mahshid gained access to visit her once-family.

According to reports from serving staff, the head of house Piruz was found dead on the day of Hippatia’s birthday, and his family has suffered the same fate as many in the Noble Quarter: an overlong sleep, expected to end in death. A distant family member, Lord Io, has arrived to take over the Piruz estate, but some things couldn’t be done without Piruz’s help. For that, they’d need Kind Man.

While the internal politics of the adventurers’ group is still unclear, some kind of bargain was struck between Mahshid and Kind Man, and the latter used his wizardry to contact Piruz. The subject of their meeting is yet unknown, but shortly afterwards, Mahshid and Kind Man visited Harva House – another noble house that appears to have been abandoned. In fact, many of the Noble District believe that the house is not empty at all, but haunted.

What events occurred inside the house cannot yet be verified, but various sources have postulated the existence of drow artifacts under the house, as well as some magical devices. Both Kind Man and Mahshid were seen leaving the house with unidentified documents as well as some magic items, including a staff. No word yet on what this means for our fine city.

With Majd out of commission, the PIruz house crumbling and the B’heist on the brink of departure, will this mean the end of the party’s misadventures? This reporter, and her superiors, think not one bit, and listeners can look forward to more special assignment updates. For general Alam news, check the work of our other reporters, many of whom will be covering the Alampic Games.

This is Scarpa Lela, signing off.


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