Rise of the Dreamer

Episode 11: Efreet, Warden and So Many Snakes

or, Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy

This is Scarpa Lela, reporting from the jungle north of Alam on special assignment and in Questionable Company.

Regular listeners will be happy to know that this reporter is still alive despite the Company’s questionable decision to hunt treasure in the drow pyramid from which no adventurer has ever returned. Having defeated the jungle’s mosquitoes and a dragon, the group was further tested on their trip by unseasonable rains and a monster the size of a tyrannosaur – in fact it was a tyrannosaur! Despite loss of their camels and most of their supplies (some to the river, some to the king of lizards), the Mahshid and Kind Man plunged into the pyramid with far too much alacrity for this reporter’s liking. Newcomer Korva Dae has remained outside for the majority of the visit so far – a far wiser choice.

In search of a set of keys that will allow them to ascend inside the structure, Mahshid has so far led the way – about as strategically as a cat in a bathhouse. Kind Man has demonstrated impressive patience as they faced off against the riddles of an efreet, the wiles of a water elemental, the sting of a magical serpent and the mysteries of a dreamscape. Unbeknownst to Mahshid, Kind Man has procured the fifth and final key for himself, after visiting the sentient tree that’s grown from the back of the pyramid. It’s not understood yet what he hopes to gain by keeping the key to himself. It’s this reporter’s hopes that he’ll offer up the key, as the only option aside from ascension is descent into the pyramid’s underground labyrinth (once built to imprison giants and from which return is worryingly unlikely).

Meanwhile, Korva Dae was camped for daes at the pyramid’s peak – and only yesterday did it become clear why: he’d been pumping magical energy into a giant crystal atop the pyramid. Yesterday that energy exploded out, leaving Dae heavily injured but – perhaps – a little wiser? This reporter has yet to determine the exact reason for and result of Dae’s work, but the pyramid still stands, and another adventure inside is already slated for the morrow.

This is Scarpa Lela, sleuthing in Questionable Company and so very sick of snakes.


ClockworkDinosaur madicienne

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