Welcome to the City! The City that needs no name but has one; the golden metropolis of Alam. Secured beneath Khorva’s Peak and straddled by the holy rivers of Aoush and Ismet, Alam is a tropical paradise year in and out. A centre of commerce and tourism, the city-state is one of the most powerful in a continent of fully realised nations, with the average citizen living well above the standard of common people elsewhere. Her commodities are luxuries, and her luxuries fully extravagant. In this city social mobility is not only a realiseable dream, but a fluid reality where nobles can lose their fortunes in an afternoon, and peasants can find themselves housed in pyramids, nearly kings themselves.

Nearly, because it is only by the grace of Queen Hippatia and her ancestors that our great city is what it is. Only her wisdom keeps us safe from the barbarian masses of the White North or the pirate navies of the Shattered Isles. Even the elder wyrms of Drakelund have been known to bow in deference for the eternally youthful Queen.

But all is not perfect in the city of Alam. Immigrants and refugees flood the Common District, and a new cult has been brewing in the alleys and sewers, one that foretells of a world beset by living nightmares, their claims bolstered by a rash of insomnia and hallucinations across every corner of the globe.

The Queen’s hundredth birthday is only days away, and the city prepares in more ways than one. Parades gather in the thousands, cooks prepare feasts fit for an army of kings, and assassins bide their time, sharpening their blades until the time to strike.


Rise of the Dreamer

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